Thursday, 22 October 2009

In Which Very Little Happens

It's been a little while since I blogged, mostly because nothing very thrilling has been happening. I am still fighting my cold - it has the very irritating habit of getting a bit better, then, when I have been lulled into a false sense of security, it pops up again in a slightly different form.

I am currently 'enjoying' its attention in the form of a deeply irritating dry cough, wheezing, and bunged up sinuses, plus a frustrating tendency to be completely knackered & fit for nothing.

I keep getting letters from the National Blood Service begging plaintively for my blood, (which of course they won't want while I am all germy), but then I feel guilty about not giving them any.

I did manage to go out last night, as I was invited to go to my father's cousin's house for dinner, as another of her (and my) cousins was visiting her. It's always good to catch up with extended family, but being sociable is surprisingly tiring :-(.

This weekend I am due to spend Saturday night with an old school friend - hopefully the fun will outweigh the tiredness. Going to her home will involve going past our old house (which my parents sold 18 months ago, after they retired) My friend tells me that the new owners have been doing quite a lot of building work, so I shall have to cruise slowly by & have a good look!


LyleD4D said...

It took me about three weeks to shift my version of the cold completely - it's still only just gone, really.

So my sympathies.

Still, have fun over the weekend!

Siri said...

OK - I don't need to hear that this will go on for 3 weeks - I've been miserable since Sunday, and that's long enough, thank you kindly.

Marjorie - even when very little happens, you do write the most pleasant blogs.