Wednesday, 28 October 2009


This evening, I was sitting eating supper.

I noticed a squeaking sound from the doorway into the hall.

This isn't unusual. Now that it is getting colder, I am in the habit of keeping the doors and windows closed, so Tybalt has to knock to come in or out.

With the door, he knows that sometimes he can hook his paw under the door and pull it open, so that's what he tries, hence the squeak.

So, like a well-trained human, I got up to open the door.

He immediately sat down (just outside the door).

He didn't come through the door.

He looked at me, with a look of utter disdain, as if to ask why on earth I was standing in the doorway.

He didn't come through the door.

Eventually, I gave up, and sat down again.

As I did, I heard a squeaking sound from the doorway....


spacedlaw said...


Phiala said...

Ah, cats.

Mine was quite disgruntled this morning - I had unthinkingly closed the bathroom door all the way while I was showering. This is completely unacceptable, you know.

Marjorie said...

How thoughtless of you, Phiala.

(and me. just because I pay the heating bills...)