Saturday, 10 October 2009

In Which The Best Laid Plans go Awry

Very frustrating. I had planned to spend this weekend enjoying myself. I was going to drive down to Rye, today, to visit Dave McKean's exhibition at the Rye Art Gallery, then go to Shoreham to meet up with my sister and her partner. We were going to go out for dinner, probably Thai, probably in Brighton, and I'd be spending the night with them, and perhaps do a little sailing tomorrow before coming home.

Unfortunately, the evil little virii currently occupying my system have other ideas. I've been fighting them, but currently they are winning. So today I will mostly be curling up on the sofa and ensuring the future success of the lemon, honey and ginger industries.

At least I have already ordered a copy of the 'Coast Road' book, so I will get the opportunity to see the pictures and read the story once that arrives.

Now. More Tea.


Dragonsally said...

I think my body is out in solidarity, with hay fever rather than a lurgy though.

Marjorie said...

Sorry to hear that, Sal. Hope it improves soon. (and that Poorly Shiraz continues to improve)

Dragonsally said...

Thanks your warning about comments. great idea!