Sunday, 24 June 2018


Last January, tickets for the London version of Hamilton went on sale, and I promptly booked for myself and a friend, and then, after a long wait, we saw the show on Friday evening.

It's great fun. This was actually my 2nd visit, as I got a dingle ticket to see it in February, and having seen it 'cold' that time, without having listened to any of the songs, then got the soundtrack so was much more familiar with the music this time round. 
Stage - pre-show (we were in the 3rd row)
I loved the show both times, and would be happy to see it again - there are so many little details to notice and enjoy. And of course the music is great!

I'm really glad that I saw it  the first time without any prior knowledge - I admit that I went in thinking that it could not live up to the hype. 

This second time, I went in knowing it could, and would. (And determined to spot where the London show has differences to the US / Soundtrack version!)

I should try to do a proper, considered review but I just want to say it was great fun, and if you can get to see it, you should.

Although I do have a question for my American readers. IS John Laurens' life and death well known? The sound track doesn't include the letter telling of Laurens' death, which made me wonder whether it's an addition for the UK on the assumption we wouldn't know who he is, or whether that is in the US show too, but for some reason left out of the soundtrack? I have a working knowledge of the American Revolution but didn't know of him.

For the rest - I really enjoyed Giles Terara's performance as Aaron Burr - I've seen him before, in The Resistible RIse of Arturo Ui , and he is very impressive. And of course, Jameal Westman as Hamilton (who is startlingly tall, compared with the rest of the cast!)

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