Thursday, 5 June 2014

House, and friends

Having moved in at the start of April, I decided it was time to have a housewarming party.

Last week, I sent a fair amount of time baking, and buying booze, and even vacuuming so that the house looked respectable (if very poorly decorated) 

And then on Saturday, I started to panic that no-one would come, and that I would end up sitting alone in my nice clean house, among the mountains of food.

Luckily, my friends are much nicer than that, and many of them showed up. 

We were lucky with the weather - it got nicer throughout the day, so we could spend much of the afternoon outside - admiring my water feature, playing with my new mini-croquet set (is it very very wrong to be pleased I beat another player, even if the other player was 7?) and later we moved inside, and from Pimms to Prosecco . . 

I had fun. I think my guests did, too. 

And everyone helped clear up before those who were staying overnight went to bed. 

Then on Sunday, after everyone had left, I had to make a start on getting ready for coming of the Plumbers, on Tuesday . . 

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Lyle said...

We did have a good time, and it was a fun afternoon/evening!