Wednesday, 4 November 2009

In Which there is a Lot of Laughter

Today, I'm feeling very sleepy. Yesterday evening I went to see Jeremy Hardy - I went to his gig in Bath in May this year, and so when, at the last minute, I saw he would be in Street this week I decided to go to see his show.

I'm glad I did.

I'm just sorry that Street isn't a bit closer. I always think of it as being very close, and that was true when I lived with my parents near Wells, but as I don't live there any more, it's rather further away, (which I think is very inconsiderate - I'm sure they could have moved it for my convenience, had they wanted) and I always forget that it's almost an hour's drive away instead of 30 minutes. which, when you are leaving a gig after 10.30 at night, and you have to get up early the next day.

But, getting tired aside, I had fun. Some of the material was the same as when I saw him in May, but there was a lot which was different, too - a little less about MP's expenses, a little more about the possibility of Tony Blair as European President. It's shame that the story about the man acquitted of racial abuse of Nick Griffin didn't break until Wednesday morning, so we didn't get his take on that one!
Incidently, it's amazing how many people seem to be surprised and affronted when it turns out that you have to wait or queue in order to get out car park of a theatre, if you leave at the end of the (almost sold -out) show. I mean, it's not hard to predict, is it?

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