Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In Which Jeremy Hardy Speaks to Bath

On Sunday evening I headed in to Bath once again: I bought a ticket some time ago for tonight’s show, by comedian Jeremy Hardy I was in two minds as to whether to go, because although I very much wanted to hear what he had to say, I’m still very stiff and sore after the accident on Thursday and wasn’t sure whether I would be able to sit for 2 hours or so in the theatre’s picturesque but not always very comfortable seats..

I decided to go anyway, on the basis that I could leave at the interval should it prove too uncomfortable.

I’m not sure how well Jeremy Hardy is known outside the Radio 4 – listening public – he is a regular panellist on ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’, and has often appeared on ‘The News Quiz’, as well as having had his own Radio 4 show (‘Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation’) and appearing in various TV programmes, including QI. which led him to explain to us that he also does Glastonbury, to try to build up a younger audience, the R4 demographic being a 'risky' one...

He’s a funny guy. Very conversational style – some anecdotes, commentary about religion and politics, immigration, MP’s expenses, going to the gym, and the poor drinks generally available in theatre bars.
Possibly my favourite part came when Jeremy Hardy was talking about immigrants and said, "what's wrong with there being Polish people here - they have loads of them in Poland and they seem to get along alright" (I may not be quoting exactly, and of course I lack his delivery, but still...)
That, or perhaps the sample postcards to illustrate his lack of interest in blogging...
I was very, very stiff by the end of the evening but I did enjoy myself, and shall be looking out for his next visit!

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