Saturday, 8 October 2016

A Farewell to Bees

As you know, I had a very nasty experience at the end of August, when I was stung by one of my bees, and ended up having an anaphylactic reaction (blog here, with more details).

As a result, I made the sensible but disappointing decision to give up, fetching though the bee-suit is.

It took a little while, as this is not the ideal time of year to sell bees, as  they are about to settle in for the winter, and it is always a bit of a gamble as to whether they will make it through the winter.

But via the local beekeeper's association I found a lady who was looking for some bees to boost a weak hive going into the winter.
New bee-owner sealing up
 the hive

So, on Friday evening she came to shut up the hive, and on Saturday morning she, and a friend, came and collected the hive and bees. 

So, I no longer own any bees.  

Which is sad, as I liked having bees, right up to the point when they nearly killed me. 

But since I can't look after them any more, I'm glad that they have found a new home, and relieved not to have to rely on others to look after them for me.

So, bye-bye bees. It was (mostly) nice to know you.

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