Monday, 7 July 2014

What I Did in London (Part 4) More Art

After the fun on Friday, I had anticiapted that Saturday might feel like a bit of an anti-climax, but no.

Nathalie and I had talked about returning to the Barbican, to go round the rest of the J-P Gaultier exhibit, but when we realised that it didn't open until 11 we made other plans, and went to the Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House instead, first to  see the 'Tattoo Art Today', which features artworks in various media, commissioned by the exhibition from 70 different tattoo artists. 

There were no tattoos.
River Avon Mud Hand Spiral (1984)

The exhibition was about the artists showing their skills using paint, sculpture, photography etc, with the theme of 'Time' tying them together.

 It' not a big exhibit, but it's interesting (and free!)

We then went on to look at the rest of the Courtauld Gallery's collection, including their current exhibition, 'Bruegel to Freud, prints from the Courtauld Collection'. 

I particularly liked this piece by Richard Long,  in the 20th Century British Art gallery. 

(The Van Gogh, and the Gaugins and Renoirs are quite nice, too) 

I also found the peacock-winged guitar-playing 14th Century  Angel rather appealing, too.

And of course, the building itself is very impressive. I enjoyed the staircase..

And so - onwards, for we had lunch to eat, and that deserves an entire post of it's own...

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