Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Different Kind of Marmalade

The season for Seville Oranges is over now (it is very short), although I have enough in the freezer for one more batch of marmalade, but it occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that it might be interesting to give it a go with blood oranges, as they're so pretty!

It's not as easy as you might think to track down blood oranges, but I managed, it, and spent an afternoon juicing and chopping and boiling.

I ended up with 6 and a half jars.

It's pretty, although not quite as pink as I had hoped, based on the juice.It's also much sweeter than the ordinary Seville kind, so I shall probably use it for baking, or to offer to guests, as I like my marmalade  pretty tart.

For comparison - Blood Orange on the left, Seville Orange on the right.

I also bought some pin grapefruit and am planning to make a small batch using those, too, to see how that turns out.


Wendy Bolm said...

If I ever come to visit again, please offer me the tart marmalade, as I love tart things!

Also, blood oranges abound in the US. I thought I might have to give them up when I moved up North, but my roomie is always finding them.

spacedlaw said...

While it is true that blood oranges are often less sweet that your normal oranges, they are not bitter at all. Also: colour vary enormously from one orange to the next: Some are nearly purple and the next ones might have just a faint blush.

Marjorie said...

Oh yes, I didn't expect them to be bitter, I think of them as fruit-you-eat, so I expected it to be sweeter that the 'normal' kind. I shall keep some for guests, as not everyone likes the bitter kind. (Of the oranges I got, one was beautifully pink outside and completely orange inside, so I ate that one instead of putting it in the marmalade!