Monday, 2 August 2010

More Excitement (or not)

After the thrills of a new phone and a new mattress, what next?

well - new glasses.

I was due my annual check up, and as I have been wearing the same pair of specs for the past 4 years at least, I decided to see whther I might be able to afford some new ones (assuming my prescription stayed the same: if it changed, I'd have to get new ones anyway)

I had a voucher for a free eye-test, which was good. There's nothing like saving £27.95 to cheer one up! And it turns out that my eyes are doing well - I have peripheral vision, and internal pressure and the tests that involve putting green goop in your eyes, and the tests that involve blowing cold air into them all produced the correct responses, apparently. My prescription changed very slightly - not enough to matter, the optician said - I can carry on wearing my current specs, and will be absolutely fine and legal to drive and so forth.

I occasionally wear (disposable) contact lenses, and part of the deal which I have means that for as long as I'm buying the lenses, I get 50% off any glasses I buy, as well.

The upshot of which is that I shall have a new par of specs, plus a pair of prescription sunglasses, all for less than the normal full price of the lenses...

Of course, they are not exactly cheap, either, but they were within my budget, and I was expecting to et one pair, not two, so I'm reasonably content. Also, on current form, I probably won't be buying any more for some time - on a 'per wear' basis they are probably pretty cheap!

They should be ready within a week, with any luck, and if I am feeling exhibitionist at that point I may even post photos of myself wearing them!

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