Sunday, 8 August 2010

In Which There is Baking

I have been very domesticated today.

I started with some more of yesterday's beetroot bread - didn't make it, I bought it at the farm shop out of curiosty, never having had pink bread before.

It wasn't very exciting - in fact, if you ate it with your eyes shut you wouldn't know about the beetroot. But it was very nice - fresh crusty bread.

I then had a go at making rhubarb Cake, from a recipe which Ticia sent me - nice, but a little bit too sweet for me - I think next time I shall make it with a lot less sugar, and more rhubarb. But nevertheless very tasty, especially with ice cream..

Also at the farmshop I bought some red and some blackcurrants, just because they were there.

The redcurrants I have frozen - I want to try my hand at making redcurrant jelly, but that takes 12 hours so I shall save hem untl next weekend. (also, the recipie I have suggests ading port to the mix, which I on't have in the house.

The blackcurrants, however, were fine just as they were, and I made them into jam. I haven't made blackcurrant jam before, and I rather think I cooked it a little too long and it has set like a rock - but it tastes OK. I only bought one punnet (about 8oz) so there was just enough for one jar.

Blackcurrants are fiddly to prepare, though.

I do enjoy pottering about making stuff, though. Cooking is one of the few creative things I can do. The thing is, I need people to eat this stuff...

And tonight - the last episode of "Sherlock". Looking forward to it. Especially Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones, and Martin Freeman's everthing. Makes up for Docror Who being over.

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