Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

The Met Office are threatening rain for the rest of the week, so we decidsed to make the most of the sunny weather on Monday and headed to the beach.

We went to Putsborough, which lies at the end of some very narrow, twisting lanes, and which is one of the beaches of my childhood, as we used to go there regularly, and, as my Godmother lived very close by, used often to bump into various cousins there.
Putsborough sands
By the time we reached the beach, the sun had gone in, and is was quite breezy, so in true British fashion we erected our windbreak and settled down for the afternoon.

Happily, the sun did come out intermmittently, and we were able to stroll along the beach, and to paddle, and sit & read and watch the seagulls. I even braved the water and went for a short but bracing swim!

You can't tell from the picture (which was taken just before we left, as the sands were emptying) but there were lots of people there - it was nice to see so many small children enjoying themselves with buckets and spades!

And yes, we did treat ourselves to the traditional ice-cream...

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