Friday, 13 August 2010

Drive-By Builders Strike Back

I blogged before about the Strange Affair of the Stolen Tiles, and  since then, I have had a couple of ... interesting conversations with the builders, and with the guy from the housing association.
   Sad,Naked Porch

The upshot of which was that they asked whether it would be alright for them to come back, to re-tile the proch, today.

I agreed, and asked them about replacing the ?strut? at the same time - the old one was broken (and I can't pin that on them - may have been them, may have been local vandals) - they had put up a temporary one when the took away the tiles, but it wasn't attached with a proper joint to the rest of the frame, and I thought it would be nicer if it were.

And it seemed to me, that it would be easier & cheaper to get them to do that at the same time as they were doing the re-tiling. 
Happy, Tiled Porch
The builders turned up just as I was preparing to leave for work, and I came home to a beautifully neat, and not-naked-at-all porch.

So that's alright.


Dragonsally said...

The porch looks lovely, and I'm glad they fixed it up so nicely for you.

So in the end was it really a win for you because they replaced the broken bit?

Marjorie said...

Well, I'm paying for the repair, but it would have been more expensive had I been paying for the reeling, too, so yes, a win of sorts...