Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Odyssey 2010 - The Final Days

Monday started very late. Can't imagine why.

I made it for the 2nd half of of a panel on Language & Dialect in writing (would have made it for the first half, but I turned my ankle on the way, which slowed me down.) Very interesting, with discussions about whether readers in different parts of the world pick up on the same nuances when writers use different dialects or accents, particularly in relation to class and hearing the work in the author's voice once you have heard him (or her) speak.

Then nipped out for lunch with Cheryl Morgan (McDonalds seeming more appealing than anything available in the hotel....) before returning for the 'Icons, Symbolism & Archetypes' panel which was, on the whole, amiable (except for a few raised hackles at the suggestion, from the audience, that science was a belief system!) - favourite comments - "I'm an Anglican, but I like a bit of Wicca at the weekends" - Paul Cornell; Paul's assurances that not all Christians are narrow minded bigots, and Piers Beckley's response that not all Atheists are like Richard Dawkins...

Then headed to the 'Dollhouse, ethics and identity panel' but found it a bit frustrating as I could only hear 2 of the panellists.. I slightly regret not having gone to the Clangers symposium instead...

The final panel I went to was titled 'London as a SF/F Setting' - with Mike Carey, Mike Shevdon, Roz Kaveney,Sebastian Bleasdon and Pat Rigby-McMurray. It ended up being more about London in fact, than fiction, but was so interesting I didn't care it had wandered a little from the topic.

Looked in on the Dead Dog party, had a final pint, and then headed back to the hotel to pack, and sleep.

Then this morning, back to the hotel to breakfast with Cheryl Morgan and Anne K Murphy - hotel no longer sporting recruitment posters to combat the Cylon Threat, screens in lobby showing BBC news instead of Odyssey logos, in fact nothing interesting to look at at all.

Roundup of my EasterCon:

Panels etc. attended - about 20?
Books acquired 7
Books signed by authors 5
Hats acquired 2
Hours of sleep - far too few
Fun had - lots..

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