Saturday, 27 March 2010


It's been another long week - we had our annual meeting (of partners) at work,which went as well as can be expected, and I also spent a day updating my training - 1/2 a day on Child Law, 1/2 on pensions, which turned out more interesting snd useful than I'd expected, although I did end up with a stiff neck from sitting awkwardly to watch powerpoint presentations, and somewhat weary afer my train home was delayed for 20 minutes, which meant I spent almost 40 minutes sitting on a rather chilly platform...

I'm still very tired - haven't been sleeping well - and keep waking in the early hours of the morning and finding myself unable to get back to sleep, which is annoying.

This morning, however, turned out to be a beautiful sunny one, and when I went out into the garden to hang up some washing, I found that the first primrose is out! What with this, and the clocks going forward tonight, it must really be the end of winter!

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