Tuesday, 10 November 2009

November, and some thoughts about Christmas Trees

After the glorious sunshine on Saturday, November seems to have arrived with a vengence, and the past two days have been decidedly less appealing - it's been misty, so driving to work has been like driving through a low-flying cloud, and I have finally given in and turned on the central heating and dug out the woolly bedsocks (no heating in my bedroom).

I've also noticed that the occupants of a house I pass on my way into work have already put up & decorated their Christmas tree. That is just plain Wrong. Surely you'd be awefully bored of your Christmas decorations if you have them up for 6 weeks?

Admittedly, my family have always been very traditional this we - we always used to put the tree and other decorations up on Christmas Eve, and take them down on 12th night, although admittedly I tend to cheat and put my tree up about a week before Christmas these days, as I'm rarely in my own house (as it's very small) over Christmas.

All of which is pretty much irrelevent to anything else, I guess.

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LyleD4D said...

I get bored of christmas decorations after about six minutes, let alone six weeks!

Flamin' things.