Thursday, 12 November 2009

An Evening at the Theatre

Last night I ended up going to the theatre again. It was a fairly last-minute thing; someone who I've been chatting to a bit asked me out, and I thought, 'Why not?'

We met up at the Rondo Theatre in Bath (where I saw Mitch Benn last week) and saw Our Country's Good - it was an amateur production of the play, which set in Australia, in 1789, (based loosly on real events) in which the governor of the Penal Colony encourages the production of a play, in the hopes of bringing a little civilisation and humanity to the lives of the convicts, despite the difficulties which arise when half your cast are reluctant, or are laible to be flogged or hanged part way through rehersals! the play-within-a-play, which the convicts are trying to produce, is The Recruiting Officer , a restoration comedy whose characters and situations are a far cry from the lives of the convicts.

It was a little confusing - partly becasue many of the cast members were playing more than one role (with very limited costume changes) but very good fun.

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LyleD4D said...

Sounds promising!

Glad you had a good - if confusing - time.