Thursday, 24 September 2009


I am suffering from wunderlust. My sister, E, leaves tomorrow for a month in Australia, my parents leave in 2 weeks time for 7 weeks in New Zealand, and I have just received postcards from friends visiting Turkey, Greece and Spain.

I want to be in all those places.

I'd settle, right now, for being anywhere but here.

I'm telling myself that that will pass. It's just been a stressful day in a bad week, but the weekend is almost here, and it should be a good weekend. There will be books, and authors, and maybe an art exhibition.

Just as long as I can make it through tomorrow.


Cheryl said...

You could always come to BristolCon.

Marjorie said...

I've got tickets for some of the event s at the Bath Kid's Lit. fest on Saturday afternoon, otherwise I'd tempted.

LyleD4D said...

I can empathise totally - I'm in a similar position of wishing to be Anywhere But Here.

Mind you, that also means I haven't any useful suggestions or fixes for it - if I can't sort my own issues with it, I won't be able to sort yours...

Na said...

Idea: think of someplace that's Else but close enough you can go there some weekend, and make some plans to go there, to have something to look forward to. Good luck with getting through at least to the weekend.