Friday, 10 January 2020

Christopher Eccleston at Toppings

I am lucky to live near Bath, which has two independent bookshops, both of which do regular author events. The most recent one which I attended was when Topping's invited Christopher Eccleston to speak about his autobiography, I love the bones of you.

Its a very personal book, focusing on his relationship with his father,and as taking about his own history, his mental health and struggles with anorexia, - I haven't yet read it in full, but he spoke about all of those things, very frankly, and with a lot of humour.

He was warm and friendly, especially during the Q and A section of the evening when people were sharing information about their own experiences of a family member with dementia - it was both moving and, at times, surprisingly funny.

He also talked a lot about his family and his choice to become an actor having a lot to do with  not wanting to follow his father into a factory job!

I am  looking forward to reading the book!


Martha said...

I've always had a thing for Eccleston - ever since Our Friends in the North so it's happy-making to see that he has charge of himself and at least some of his demons.

Marjorie said...

Yes, did you ever see a one-off drama he did called 'the Second Coming'?
really interesting.
I'd like to see him again on stage, too - in Macbeth he was very good but there were things about the production that weren't so good.