Saturday, 30 September 2017

Zoë Keating at Kings Place

Several months ago, friends of mine pointed out that the wonderful  Zoë Keating would be giving a concert in London in September , and suggested that we should meet up an go, which, naturally, I agreed would be an excellent idea.

I had stayed with my friends the previous night, which was an added bonus - we got to eat cheese, and snuggle the cat, and catch up, and drink gin. (apparently I have led them astray, into the word of gin).

When we got to London we visited the British Library's 'Treasures of the British Library' exhibition, and went to Forbidden Planet, and spent dome time in a pub on the South bank (where we had good beer and mediocre food) 

Then for the main event!

King's Place is a new venue to me, and it is rather nice - big atrium, adjacent art gallery and National Newspaper) 

Thanks to my friends, we had excellent seats - dead centre of the third row, which was great.

Zoë then played a mixture of new and older pieces, giving us a brief introduction to each, and taking the opportunity to thank everyone who  provided or offered help (BA lost her Cello and luggage, on the flight from Germany. Apparently it finally arrived just an hour before the concert, so she had spent a lot of time trying to crowd-source a suitable cello an electronics).

It was very good, and came to a close with a little Beethoven.

For those of us who then hung around in the foyer, there was the added bonus that Zoë came out and chatted to us, briefly.

If you are not already familiar with Zoë's work, check out her web site ( and buy the CDs.  You can thank me later.

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