Sunday, 4 June 2017


I was in London yesterday. 

It was a gloriously sunny day, everywhere was busy, the tube was packed, the streets crowded. There were a few more police in evidence than usual, but mostly, everyone was getting on with life as normal.

I wasn't anywhere near London Bridge. And as I was only in London for the day, I'd left, and had been back at home for about 2 hours when the news broke about the attack at London Bridge.

And it is scary, particularly coming so soon after Manchester. Manchester felt personal to me; I used to live there, and although it's over 15 years since I left, it still holds a place in my heart, and I have family and friends still living there.

My heart breaks for the victims, and their families and friends.

(C) Chris Riddell
But you know, I have plans to be in London in 2 weeks time, and I will not be altering those plans. 

I have plans to be there 3 weeks after that, and I won't be changing those plans, either. 

Part of this is statistical - I know that there are, on any given day, literally millions of people in London, and only a tiny, tiny minority are fuckwitted murderers, so the risks are pretty low, but mostly it's because it seems to me that the best, and perhaps the only response most of us can make to this kind of thing is to carry on as normal.

So, mourn for the dead, support the injured and grieving, and keep visiting London, and other cities, keep living your life, and forget the names of the murderers, let them disappear into obscurity and ridicule. 


Martha said...

I understand how you feel about Manchester. As you know, I lived many years in London, and this incident really struck close to my heart, so really feel my city's pain when her people are attacked.

I agree that we must continue to visit and work in London, Manchester, Paris and Berlin and anyplace the cowardly monsters wold try to frighten us from. I was 500 meters from the Baltic Exchange bombing and we didn't give in to fear then and we will not now.

Marjorie said...

Quite. I was temporarily away from Manchester when the 1996 bomb went off, but it didn't stop me moving back later that year. And I don't think anyone very much stopped using the tube or buses after 7/7.