Sunday, 14 February 2016


I posted a couple of weeks ago about making this year's first batch of marmalade - I have now worked my way through all 8lbs (or so) of oranges, and have an impressive-looking stock of jars full of marmalade, like bottled sunshine.

A chance thought as I was enjoying a glass of gin and tonic led me to ponder the possibility of using other kinds of citrus fruit, limes in particular. 

Which resulted in me making 2 small batches of lime marmalade, one lime with Gin and Tonic, and the other Mojito - lime with fresh mint and rum.

I think they worked out reasonably well. 

Marmalade harvest
I have, I think, ended up with a little more than 15lbs of orange marmalade, and around a pound of each variety of lime marmalade. I shall not, of course, be eating it all myself, but will be giving or sending jars to various friends and family members (postage charges permitting) 

I may also use some in baking - chocolate and orange cupcakes,perhaps. . .


LyleD4D said...

Lime marmalade is fantastic - I've had it on and off for many years. not tried an alcoholic version, but that sounds good too. :-)

Marjorie said...

I haven't tasted the mojito one yet,but the gin and tonic one is nice :)

I'd like to make some using blood-oranges as I think it will be so pretty, but I may have to add some pink grapefruit so it isn't too sweet.