Saturday, 28 February 2015

*Sigh* The perils of living with little furry killing machines

I love my cats, but there are times when I could do without being reminded of their instincts..

Up til now, they have been fairly restrained - Loki brings in earthworms, which I can live with (although I feel sorry for them when he leaves them too near the radiator, and they dry out before I find them), and I have had to deal with one or two sad little sets of remains (which I would mind less if they didn't leave them on the living room carpet)

I came downstairs this morning to find both cats very intent on *something* in the fireplace. 

I moved the pictures to see if they had lost something, but couldn't find anything, but then 10 minutes later, as I was making toast, I heard squeaking, and Loki came running out of the living room (Coraline closely behind him) with a small furry squeaky thing in his mouth, and went out into the garden. (which on the whole I am glad about. I do not want small rodents in the house, alive *or* dead)

I did follow them out to see whether I could liberate the victim, but they were not prepared to give it up (Loki just ran away, but Coraline, dear, sweet Coraline, who is snuggly even with the vet, actually growled when I tried to get her to give it up.)  

I did manage to get it under a flower pot but fear that it had no sense of self preservation, as it burrowed out from underneath and got itself caught again. :(

I wish it was possible to teach them not to hunt, or at least not to play with their food. 

(although it is a reminder of just how strong instinct is. They have not been taught any of this - they left their mother pretty young and were brought up indoors, with no opportunity or need to hunt. )

I don't know, for certain, how the small sad squeaky thing got *into* the house, but I strongly suspect that one of them caught it and brought it in - I think it was a shrew, not a house, and I  don't think they come into houses on their own, much.

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