Monday, 23 February 2015

Family, and unpacking things

I spent the weekend with my older sister and her husband, who have just moved house. My visit was mostly to see them,but also meant I was closer to Southampton for the Nuffiled theatre event with Tom Hiddleston, so I could reduce the amount of driving needed on one day, which was why I visited this weekend rather than any other.

It was lovely to see them,and nice to see their new home, although I was slightly depressed to see that they have managed to do more in the way of redecoration and DIY in the 10 days or so since they moved in, than I have achieved in the 10 months I have been in my new house! Admittedly, there are two of them, and C is very competent at all kinds of practical stuff, whereas there is only one of me (the cats, unfortunately, are No Help At All when it comes to decorating and DIY) and I am not at all good at such things, so my methodology involves saving hard until I can afford for someone competent to do it for me!

So the weekend was fairly relaxed - on the Saturday we visited several DIY stores, and on the Sunday collected some final stuff from the attic in their old flat, and in between times they did proper housemoving and DIY stuff, and I helped where I could, with important tasks such as making tea, flattening cardboard boxes and stacking bottles of gin and champagne in the cupboard!

In the evening, we went to the Sailing club where K and C are members, to take part in a quiz and pot-luck style supper.

We joined forces with 2 of their friends, and ended up by winning the quiz, which was nice - it turns out that knowing the Maris Curie was Polish, and what the study of caves is called comes in handy for these things! (our prize was a feeling of superiority - my longstanding tradition the prize money was immediately donated to the lifeboat collection)

Sunday involved more moving things, and a lot of rain, and a very nice roast dinner, before we went our separate ways, me to Southamton to the Nuffield Theatre, and them to finish hanging curtains.

All very pleasant.

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