Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Quiet Weekend, with Marmalade

I was a bit under the weather this week, so planned a quiet weekend, and on the whole, that is what I got.

I didn't do quite as well on the 'having a lie-in' side of things as I had hoped, waking up very early, which was irritating.

I did manage to make a batch of marmalade, using half of the Seville oranges I bought, on Saturday. I'd planned to do the other half today but ran out of time and energy, so they will have to wait. Still, I have half a dozen jars of lovely tangy marmalade. 

I ended up with a little bit left over, so I made some chocolate orange cupcakes with it, which, though I do say so myself, are rather tasty. I vaguely remembered reading something about replacing sugar in a cake recipe with marmalade, so that's what I did, and it seems to have worked. although afterwards I found the recipe and it only suggested replacing half the sugar.

I've also sorted out my car insurance for the next year (got the MoT done during the week - the car passed first time, which is always a good thing), so with the road tax having been paid at the end of January (although I am not yet used to having no tax disc) the car is (legally) sorted for now.

 I also caught up with a few things I'd recorded on TV over the past few weeks, and read the weekend papers, all of which felt very self indulgent.

SO altogether, a satisfying weekend.

Next weekend is due to involve some socialising and other fun stuff.

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