Sunday, 30 November 2014

Busy, Busy

I haven't blogged for the last few weeks a I haven't had time - I've been too busy having guests, and being a guest!

First up was a visit from my parents, who were attending an event near me, which led to a slightly unsettling role reversal where I drove them to their 'do' then spent the evening at home waiting for them to phone for me to pick them up!  

The following day, my dad's cousin came over for Sunday lunch, which was nice.

The the following weekend by friends J and J came down for the weekend, and we spent a restful Saturday mostly eating and chatting, before heading into Bath in the evening for a rather nice meal, and to see 'Exit the King' at the Ustinov Studio. It was very suberb (if a little odd, which, given that it is by Ionesco and is 'theatre of the absurd', is not surprising!

The play featured Alun Armstrong as the King, Siobhan Redmond  as his first wife, who guides him in accepting his impending death, and William Gaunt as the Doctor.

The play is all about the King's death, and his difficulty in letting go, and is strange, but very good, and it benefited from the excellent cast!

I am not sure whether I would have booked had I not had guests coming, but am very glad that I did! 

And I loved having J and J here, and being able to spend a relaxing couple of days catching u, and playing with the kittens.

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