Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Feeling rather miserable today - As some of you know, I'm trying to move house at the moment. I'd found a house I liked, and had an offer accepted, and have been doing all the admin stuff, getting a survey, and searches etc. and was hoping we'd be ready to exchange in the next couple of weeks.

This afternoon, I got a call from the agents to say the sellers are pulling out. All very vague as to why - there'd been no sign of any problems, and as far as I can tell they are taking it off the market altogether (despite not actually living there right now)

So - two months down the line I need to start looking all over again.

Very depressing.

The really frustrating part is that there was, until last week, another propert in the same area and for a very similar price, which seems to have found a buyer in the last few days, so that's no longer an option.



Lyle said...

As I said on FB/Twitter, really sorry to hear it. It's (probably) even worse when this kind of thing happens, because it's so completely out of your control.

Onwards and upwards though - I'm sure you'll find the right place, and it'll all work out.

MILF Runner said...

Ugh...housing woes :(

We've been going through a similar rigamarole for the past 6 months. Here's hoping we both get what we're looking for :)