Sunday, 11 August 2013

Small Things

I'm still mostly busy with things which are probably not very interesting to anyone but me - I haven't been to any gigs or museums or shows recently.

I'm still moving on with the de-cluttering, and am making visible progress, which is gratifying!

This morning I ventured up into the loft to get down my *good* boxes (they are archiving boxes, so are strong enough to hold books, and small enough to be movable when they are full, so I have kept them ever since my first move) and to check what else I have up there.

I don't go into the loft very often - I'm not fond of ladders and in going up there I'm always convinced that I shall either fall (and lie for days with a broken back), or that I shall put my foot through one of the bits of floor which isn't fully boarded over, or knock the ladder over and end up trapped in the loft. However, there's no-one else to do it for me, so up I went.

I have been storing some boxes for my sister, from when she and C were living on the boat, and needed to check how many there were, so we can work out how to get them back to her. I found that other than her boxes, I only have a small number of boxes of my own stuff, and I brought a couple of the smaller boxes down and have been looking through them.

 I've been able to throw away some stuff (mainly very old financial documents) and have been looking through some of the rest- one box is mainly full of photographs, including old ones of family holidays, with my parents looking very young!

I also found some pictures from University, including one from Graduation, which I think is actually much nicer than my official graduation photo, in which I was sitting down, in the pose demanded by the photographer, and look like a large black tent  (albeit a well educated large black tent)

There were also some group photos from graduation, full of people I didn't recognise. (and some I did)  I also found various old letters, including cards from my grandparents (none of whom are around any more), which made me smile (and sniffle, just a little!)

I've reduced the amount of stuff to keep into one box, from two, which gave me a nice feeling of achievement. The next task to move some of the books which are currently into heaps into the good boxes, (which will then go into the cupboard under the stairs, as being easier to access than the loft)

I've also made yet another trip to the tip, with various junk, old cardboard and a couple of old very old and obsolete bits of electronics, including the radio/CD player which I bought to take to University.

It's progress, of a sort. Still some way to go, however.


Siri said...

It must be a fiend thing - I've been decluttering this spring/summer, too. Finding old photos, and letters, and doing my share of sniffling. (Albeit sometimes from the dust.) Good luck on completing your task!

Marjorie said...

Good luck to you, too!