Sunday, 30 June 2013

Not an Invasion, despite initial appearances.

Summer seems to have finally arrived, and bizarrely, this weekend has been full of bright sunshine despite the fact that Glastonbury is on, not far down the road. I'm not regretting that i'm not there, as I don't do well in crowds, or with limited sleep, and I'm not a big fan of camping, but I've been enjoying watching bits and pieces on the TV,and I'm happy for all those who are there, and enjoying themselves.

 I've had a pretty lazy weekend - I pulled up some weeds in the garden, and walked into town to go to the library. at which point I discovered that there were rather a lot of tanks and armoured cars and stuff all over the park.

It appears that this was because it was Armed Forces Appreciation Day.

So  there was also the Mayor, and some spare Mayors and deputy Mayors from neighbouring towns, all looking very hot in their robes and chains of office. (Mostly the robes. I don't think the chains make them any hotter)

There were lots of cos-players / re-enactors -most were in  WWII costumes (although there were some WWI Germans, who seemed to be getting on very well with the WWI Tommies next to them)

These guys even brought their own bombed out building (and stuffed chicken)with them.

Nor was it limited to the World wars. There was (On Sunday) a splendid gentleman with a tent and accoutrements appropriate for the Zulu or Boer War (He had suitably Victorian mutton-chop whiskers, too, and a solar topee, but I carelessly failed to take a picture of him.

There were also some people with lovely vintage cars - which I admit I like rather better than the tanks and armoured cars (although should we ever find that the town is invaded, I concede that a Scimitar tank or two, and a few armoured cars, may be more effective as a defence than an elderly MG and similar...)

I was a little bit disappointed that the Spitfire wasn't there this year, as it has been in the past (I like planes better than tanks, too) but after I got home on Saturday afternoon, there was a fly-by by a Dakota, which conveniently went over my house.

When I wandered into town again on Sunday, to buy a paper, I found that the event was on for a second day.

There was  a slightly different variety of tanks and things, and with additional silver band, plus some 1940's style live music.

It wasn't until Sunday evening that I remembered my half-formed plan to go to Old Sarum this weekend. Perhaos I shall manage it next weekend.

So; How was your weekend?

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