Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bill Bailey - Qualmpeddler

I mentioned in my previous blogs that this was a VERY busy weekend for me. The final event (again, booked long before I knew Neil would be in town) was Bill Bailey's live show - Qualmpeddler. 

I've seen Bill Bailey twice before, and he did not disappoint. Having booked early (benefits of being on the mailing list) I found that I was seated in the 3rd row of the stalls, which was nice (if loud).

The show is almost all new material - and covers ground from Danish TV murders, to badgers, to internet acronyms. There was a song about Quantum Physics (shades of Mitch Benn!)

Bill also made his views of 'celebrity' know (He's a little vague, but I think he's against it...) he critiqued the quality of the heckling, and there was a certain amount of clapping along..

Oh, and a discussion about how no phrasebook, ever, includes the phrase "You use the oven glove to hold the owl, I will cut the sellotape off using the nail scissors". Apparently Bill needed that phrase while in China. (Yes, the story is just as weird as it sounds)

It was a lot of fun.

Sunday night was the last stop on the current leg of the tour (The first time I saw him was in Bristol, on the last night of his tour, and his Roadies put glue on one of the parts of the set so his shoe stuck to it part way through the set. Nothing of that kind this time, although he did at one point get down from the stage, and had a certain amount of difficult getting back on...)

The tour continues in September - if you're anywhere it goes, do go and see him. It's well worth it. Intelligent comedy for the win!

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