Saturday, 11 August 2012

In Which There is Sport, and Other Stuff

There seems to be a lot of sport on the telly at the moment, for some reason.

I did like Danny Boyle's big Olympic Opening - I hadn't planned to watch, as I'm not very interested in the Olympics, but there was bugger all else on the TV. However, I admit, I'm glad I did watch.(video  here)

I particularly liked the inclusion of the NHS/Children's books, as they are both things which I think the UK can be justifiably proud of, and to remind everyone that this is not just about the sport. I also loved the fact that the flame was lit by young and unknown athletes, and the beautiful dandelion clock effect of the lighting.

And I think it is wonderful that rather than banning participants from taking photos during rehearsals, or asking them to sign non-disclosure agreements, Danny Boyle simply asked everyone to keep things secret - and they did!

I admit I've been less interested in the actual sporting events, although I've seen little bits of the gymnastics, and of the dressage and showjumping, and I gather that the UK has been doing pretty well, which is nice for those who like that sort of thing.

It turns out that Royal Mail is issuing stamps to celebrate each gold medal (which is unusual - normally you have to be either dead or royal to be on a stamp), and they are also painting a pillar box gold in each gold medal winner's home town. Which is a nice idea. And I learned today that one of the gold medal winners, Ed McKeever, lives in Bradford on Avon, about 10 minutes drive from here. I may have to go to see his gold box when they paint it :-)  I'm also a little curious as to how long they will stay gold. I don't know how often post boxes are usually repainted.


LyleD4D said...

I saw a gold postbox the other day outside Bedford County Court. No idea who that's for, but there we go.

While I like the sentiment, they really do look epically chavtastic.

LyleD4D said...

Oh - more information about Gold Post Boxes.

Turns out the Bedford one is for the kayakers.

Marjorie said...

I've seen pictures :-)