Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Final Day in Turkey

We were due to fly home very early on Saturday - our flight was 1.40 a.m. so we had a full day to clean the flat, pack, buy gifts and such.

That being the case, we bought baklava and Turkish delight, and then, after stripping all the bed, caught a dolmus to Oludeniz where we swam, and read, and lounged, before heading back to the flat and, after some more cleaning, we went to the hamman for one final relaxing sauna, scrub and general clean.

Unfortunately, after having got ourselves all beautifully relaxed, we discovered that the flight was running late. In the absence of any official word from the airline (we saw it on Gatwick's website) we decided that we'd better go to the airport as originally planned...

It turned out that the gatwick website was correct, and the flight was then delayed further - we eventually took off at 6.15, very considerably later than we we due to have landed...

We quickly exhausted the pleasures of Dalaman airport, and spent most of the night on benches, before watching the sun rise over the mountains before we finally got to take off.

But other than that final blip, the holiday was great, and even returning was mitigated by K's fiance, C, who met us at the atation, and took us home and cooked us a wonderful breakfast, before E and I left to go home.

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