Saturday, 7 April 2012


So, my sister, K is getting married in August and me and my other sister, E, are to be bridesmaids. Which of course meant that we need to buy frocks.

So, after much e-mailing, we arranged that both sisters would come to my house onThurday night, with a view to our having a major shopping trip on Friday (which, being Good Friday, was a Bank Holiday so none of us had to work)

They duly arrived on Thursday evening, and I plied them with food and alcohol with a view to lulling them into a sense of security, and then on Friday we got up almost as if it were a real work day, in order to get to the shops early, before they became too crowded.

We started with Clarks Village in Street, which has lots of sale/outlet shops, then went to Bristol, Cribbs Causeway (an out of town shopping centre which turns out to be way smaller than I remembered) and finally went to Bath. we spent around 7 hours all together (including about 2 1/2 hours travel time). this is about 5 hours longer than my normal tolerance time for shopping, but we were ultimately successful.

We found, and bought, some lovely full length navy blue dresses (these, for those keeping track) which seem to work for both of us,) of course, this isn't the end of the preparation - we still have to work out shoes, and jewellery, and flowers and whether or not we shall have anything in our hair, but it is a big step. And while shopping is not, by any means, my favourite pastime, it was good to spend some time with my sisters.

Having sorted our outfits, we were then all able to travel down to my parents' home, where we met up with K's fiance, and are all set to spend the Easter weekend together.

So farm this has involved some lovely food, and a trip to the pub. I approve.

(we have also inspected, and approved, my mother's 'Mother of the Bride' dress. Somehow, I think sourcing and approving a suitable tie for my father's 'Father of the Bride' will, by comparison, be very straightforward !)

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