Sunday, 22 April 2012

Barefoot in the Park

I've always enjoyed Maureen Lipman's work, both as an actor and writer, so when I saw that she would be appearing  at Bath Theatre Royal I booked my ticket immediately, and last night, I went to the show.The play was 'Barefoot in the Park' by Neil Simon, which I think it would be fair to say is not a heavyweight show.

The plot follows a young couple in the first days of their marriage, in their first, small, apartment, as they  meet their (odd) neighbour, and deal with the Bride's mother, and with their first row.

It *is* funny, although there are some aspects which are a little dated, especially in the relationships and expectations of the husband and wife (there is, for instance, no suggestion that the young wife might look for a job)

However, I did enjoy the play (other than the couple behind me who decided to chat loudly throughout the first act, despite glares from everyone around them. I mean, why bother to fork out £60 or more for a pair of tickets and then chat rather than watch the play?)

I will be looking out for Faye Castelow and Dominic Tighe (who played the young couple) in future productions, as, other than occasionally allowing their American accents to slip, both were excellent.

An enjoyable evening. And having made a spate of bookings, I am also looking forward to seeing Anne Boleyn, Matthew Bourne's Early Adventures and Henry V over the next few weeks.

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