Monday, 15 August 2011

More Shakespeare!

It's been a long & tiring week - lots of rushing around at work, and on Friday I found,on going to move my car for a colleague, that my rear number plate was missing, so I had to rush off as soon as I finished work, to get a replacement made. I am hoping that the old one simply fell off, and that it wasn't stolen. The young man in Halfords who made the new one said that he would normally expect them to steal both, if that were the case, so I am hoping that he is correct.

So it was good, once I was able to get back home,  to be able to relax and start the weekend.

My friend Cheryl came round on Friday evening, bearing interesting jams and honey and chocolate from her recent trip to Finland, (and left with a jar of my bramble jelly).  Lovely to have an evening just to relax and chat a little!

To my irritation, I then ended up sleeping very badly, so didn't feel terribly energetic on Saturday, so I didn't get a lot done, other than  picking a few blackberries and elderberries - and saw a kingfisher, which is always lovely!

Then, in the evening I went into Bath, to see 'Henry IV, Pt. II', at the Theatre Royal. It was the same cast as last week's 'Henry IV, Pt I', so King Henry, Lord Scroop, Falstaff and Prince Hal were all played by the same actors, while others took on new roles - Hotspur (being dead) reinventerd himself as Pistol, for instance. Perspanally, I have very poor facial recognition so it didn't faze me (I had to look them up in the programme to see who was who) but I can't help but wonder whether it might be a little distracting to those who do recognise people, especially if they don't leave a week between Parts 1&2, as I did!

I'm still not a Falstaff fan, but that is Shakespeare's fault, not that of the actors or this production.

I did have one gripe, however - the  guy sitting in front of me, who fidgeted constantly (and I mean, CONSTANTLY,) through the entire performance. And not only fidgeting, but scratching his armpits, scratching his back. I came *this* close to giving him my best Joyce Grenfell "George, Don't do that". But I didn't. Sometimes I think I must be turning into an adult.

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