Sunday, 3 July 2011

Work, and other things

I'm finding things at work pretty stressful at present, and in consequnce I've been sleeping badly and am tired all the time. Coupled with the unfortunate short-break failure this has meant I haven't been anywhere, or done anything terribly exciting in the past week, leading to a paucity of blogging material.

I have been taking some pretty pictures of flowers

Saturday last week was, apparently, Armed Forces Appreciation Day, which I guess is why there were tents and tanks all over the park, not to mention a Spitfire (replica, rather than original, but impressive none the less)

There was also a rather random silver band (they were lurking in some bushes a little way from the park, but it's hard to lurk inconspicuously if you are a large silver band wearing red uniforms and playing show tunes with more enthusiasm than accuracy)

Things to look forward too - Jason Webley is visiting Britain as part of his last-for-ages tour, and is playing in Bristol, and I have a ticket for that, and I'm seeing Bitter Ruin next weekend, and the following weekend I'm seeing Kevin Spacey's  Richard III in London, so there are things to look forward to, little oases of pleasure like beacons in the dark.

And with luck, the stress will reduce, and the weeks will become more interesting and enjoyable, too.

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