Saturday, 5 March 2011

In Which I Relax

I hadn't made any firm plans for this weekend - for  a time I had been considering whether or not I could make it to Dublin for P-Con, but cost and time and various other upcoming commitments all meant it was not practical, but as the other family-related think I'd been thinking about didn't  pan out, I ended out calling my parents on Wednesday to see whether I would be able to visit them for the weekend.

They confirmed that that would work out, so I drove down to Devon striaght from work on Friday.

I'm lucky in that I've always got on very well with my parents, so I always enjoy seeing them.
Visiting them also has other advantages.

 It's nice to arrive to a meal someone else has cooked, for instance, and then there is the part where, provided I stay in bed long enough in the morning, someone will eventually arrive bearing tea...

When I first woke up, and looked out at the view, I saw that there had been a light frost overnight, but by the time we were up and had had breakfasted (my dad makes what is possibly the world's best scrambled eggs...) the sun had burnt off the frost and left a beautiful bright, clear day.

We decided that we would have a 'sunday Lunch' today (as I shall be driving home striaght after lunch tomorrow) and decided to go out for a walk first.

The sun was out, and the sky blue. there was almost complete silence, broken only by birdsong, the sound of running water, and the bleating of new lambs and their mothers.

Our walk took us through some woods, down to the stream, and back home through the lanes, where the primroses are starting to flower in the hedgebottoms, alongside the occasional celandine in the more sheltered spots.

It was lovely, very tranquil.

And as we arrived back at the house, it was clear that my father's careful reading of the instructions had bourne fruit, the oven had, as planned, turned itself on, and so we were very shortly able to enjoy our roast chicken dinner...

All in all, a very peaceful, companionable day.

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Jane said...

It sounds like the most lovely and relaxing weekend. You are lucky to have such a safe place to go and smart to realize it, IMO.

And gorgeous, too!