Friday, 24 December 2010

Drive By Blog

I had to work this morning, but managed to leave early by dint of (a) working late yesterday (b) arrive g early today (c) Royal Mail requiring last post by 12 and (d) being the boss.

So - dashed home, shoved cat & other perishables into the car & drove to Devon. The drive was much better than I'd feared - not too much traffic,  roads clear of ice until I got to the village my parents live in, and as I came into Devon the sun came out and the views of sunlit, snow covered hills were breath-takingly beautiful.

And I managed the whole drive in daylight.

I was the last of the family to arrive , and during the afternoon we toasted R's success in becoming a 1st Class Nerd, decorated the house and he tree to within an inch of their lives, and ate, and drank.

I am happy.

And do to bed.

I have some nice pictures of snowy Devon, but I am too tired to post them now.

Good Night, all.

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