Saturday, 27 November 2010

I am starting get a bit miffed.

I booked my car in to have a brake check this morning, as a general precaution to check it's all fine.

I dropped it off just before 10. Asked if I was right in thinking that the check takes about 45 mins, which they confirmed.

At 11.40 I went back to the garage. I hadn't had a call from them, but I thought that was probably because I'd been in & out of shops & had had an intermittent signal.

Nope. They'd got it in the bay, but said "it's almost done" so I decided to wait, rather than walking home, or popping to the library.

I then waited for over an hour, getting gradually colder and colder.

They informed me that the brakes & systems are all fine, nothing needs to be done.

Oh good.

Except. . .

As I drive out of the garage to go home I find they have managed to give it a fault. The handbrake/brake warning light going on and off at random.
To be fair, they did sort it pretty quickly when I went back (they'd failed to reconnect one of the clips properly) but even so, it's annoying.

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