Thursday, 7 October 2010

Which is mostly about family

Last weekend saw me driving  down to Essex, for a family party.One of my uncles turned 60 last month, and decided to celebrate in style. It was lots of fun.

The party was on Saturday evening, which meant that there was time to hang out with family first. It was great - I don't see these particular cousins very often, and it is always startling to realise that the person you remember as a bump (he was born the year I went to university) is about to turn 18, and is planning his own university applications...

The party itself was good fun - lots of E&T's friends, plus family, food, live music, dancing, champagne...

And  then having shared a hotel room with No1 sister and her other half meant we got to have baklava for breakfast, as some people have relatives who return from Turkey bearing baklava.

Then Sunday involved more family socialising, including listening to my mum & two of her sisters discussing their childhood, and different memories and perpectives of the same events. Very interesting.
Most enjoyable.

Then this week came news from my cousin's husband, that my cousin has had her (first) baby - a beautiful baby boy (6lb 12oz)

VERY happy news.

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