Monday, 25 October 2010


I was planning to do a round up of what I have been reading recently, and my plans, but the cold I brought back from Ireland has turned nasty, and so I have mostly been curling up in bed with hot drinkks and honey and a warm cat.

I made it out of the house once over the weekend, to send a parcel, and to pop into the bank.

Except on Saturday night, when I was woken by shouting and bangs and unexpected lights, and what turned out to be a  fire, and subsequently two large fire engines, outside in the street.

It seems that the fence to one of the neighbouring houses (about 4 doors away) caught fire.

 I am going to take a wild guess and say it had help, as given it was so wet on Saturday morning I was seriously considering whether I shoud start building an ark, I very much doubt that spontaneous combustion was to blame..

I am hoping the week will improve.

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