Sunday, 19 September 2010

More of Cambridge, Books, Friends and Food

After the fun of Stephen Fry on Friday night, Saturday was devoted to socialising.

R, S & I went into Cambridge and went for a walk through the town and  along the Backs (behind some of the colleges) admiring the Mathematical Bridge,and the more decorative colleges (the picture below is, I believe, Peterhouse College) before walking along towards Grantchester, by the river.
Having arranged to meet up with my friend Em we walked back to be in the city by lunchtime, where  we had coffee. 

R & S then left, to undertake revision and chores respectively, and Em and I went off and had an excellent and adventurous lunch at the Cambridge Chop House, where our meal included a 'squirrel, hare & leek faggot', warm duck salad, and then specialist sausages & mash.

It's not a restaurant to which one would take a vegetarian, but the food was good, and the company excellent.

 Em and I were at university together, and don't see each other anything like as often as I'd like!

After our long and convivial lunch, we may have spent rather a lot of the afternoon, and of our spare money, at the Haunted Bookshop where we both filled in some gaps in our collections, and spotted many more objects of desire...

If only I had happened to have a spare £300 I could have had a beautiful  copy of 'Alice in Wonderland' with illustrations by Arthur Rackham, or some fairy stories with the Edmund Dulac illustrations.

It's a lovely shop. And I think we both enjoyed the afternoon.

I just had time for a cup of tea withh R&S before driving home, to be met by reproaches from Tybalt for havng left him so long.

A most happy-making day.

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