Saturday, 4 September 2010

In Which I am Vastly Entertained

Friday didn't start well. A problem which is not my fault but which will take a lot of sorting out showed up, then I had a meeting which took 3 and a half hours and meant I missed lunch, which wasn't ideal, especially as it was my last day in the office for a week, and I'd already been in court for 2 days this week.

However, at around 5 it started to improve. I caught a train, then another train (the second one was late, which is annoying, but I had a little time in hand, and it would have been worse had it been the first train which was late, as that would have meant missing the connection.

I got to London at 8, and just had time to drop off my bag at the hostel I was staying at before heading off to Bill Bailey's show in Leicester Square.

By virtue of having booked very early on, I had managed to get a seat in the centre of the 2nd row, and I had time to get myself a pint of beer before the show started. The theatre is a nice, small one - in a basement, so is quite snug.

The show is a wam up for Bill's Dublin show and has some new material - talking about Doubting Thomas, and Darwinism, for instance, and some which was familiar from the Tinselworm show - tales of barnacles, and playing the Oud, for instance.

There was some audience participation in singing 'California dreaming' at varying speeds, a wonderful suggestion about how Michael Winner hould be treated, and the joy of hearing Bill sing 'Hallelujah' in the style of Kraftwerk..not mention mockery of West country accent, and a wonderful rendition of 'Cars'

I can't remember last time I literally laughed till I wept.

If you get a chance see the show, do it. You won't regret it.

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