Thursday, 23 September 2010

In Whch I am Battered & Bruised

So, about 12 years ago I was involved in a road accident, when someone who clearly saw observation, speed limits, rights of way and and basic common sense as optional extras. It left my suspension bent, my front wing crumpled, and my neck and shoulder rather, well, buggered.

I saw lots of doctors, and physiotherapists, and osteopaths.

I had treatments involving exercises, and treatments involving being massaged, and treatments involving a kind of chinese burn, and treatments involving sitting having soundwaves pointed at me, and one treatment which involved sitting in front of a box having something pointed at me and then being locked in when eveyne went home for the night, although that wasn't strictly speaking part of the treatment. I was stretched and bent by an osteopath and saw several consultants and specialists, and had x-rays and MRIs and all sorts, and in the end, all of them said, one way or another,  "Meh,  You're broken. Learn to live with it"

And I did.  after all, there wasn't any alternative, and once I had learned which things make it hurt. And any way, worse things happen at sea.

Then, last year, a banker in a BMW drove into the back of my car at a junction which obviously caused some immediate prblems, but also aggravated the existing problems, and although since then the more obvious symptoms have settled, my neck & shoulder seem much more sensitive, and hurt more, and sooner, than they did before.

And the doctor I was sent to by the insurance company said he thought that seeing a chiropracter might help. I was sceptical, but willing to give it a go.

Which is why, on Wednesday, I found myself being politely beaten up for my own good.

I was given a series of chinese burns down my right arm, and then some crunching to my shoulder and neck. I'm prettyt sure that he gave me the Vulcan death dgrip at one point, too.

I was left feeling somewhat battered, butI am bound to admit that I seemed to have a little more movement that evening, so I shall go back next week and see whether it helps in the onger term.



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spacedlaw said...

I'd missed that post! Ouch indeed. I hope it does help and that you can reclaim some of your life.