Saturday, 10 July 2010

New Look

I was sorting out some paperwork this morning and realised that my passport expired last month, not, as I thought, in a years time. No biggie; I'm not planning to leave the country in the next few weeks, so I should be able to get a new one without having to pay for an express application, or any of that crap, but it did give me the impetus I needed to get my hair cut.

I've been meaning to for ages, for I am very bad at organising that sort of thing, partly because I don't actually enjoy the process - it is like shopping for clothes or shoes - I might be happy with the outcome, but I don't much like it while it's going on..

Fortunately, when I called the salon this morning, they had had a cancellation and were able to fit me in this afternoon, so I didn't have time to worry about it, and I did, for once, remember to put my contact lenses in so I was able to see what was happening. Normally, I forget, go wearing my glasses, which of course I then have to take off, and and spend the next 45 minutes looking anxiously at the blur that is my reflection, and wondering what they hell is going on!

This time, I was very pleased with the end result - it does help, of course, when the person cutting your hair listens to what you say you'd like.

I went direct from the hairdressers to the photobooth and got some pictures done which (assuming they are acceptable to the passport agency) should mean that I will look more-or-less OK in my passport for the next ten years. I shall probably not look quite as well groomed again until next time I get a hair-cut, however..
And it will be much cooler, which is another bonus.
I was very restrained, and managed then to get home again without spending any money in the bookshop or elsewhere, so I think the day can be counted a success all round.