Sunday, 9 May 2010

A Quiet Weekend

It's been a fairly quiet weekend - too cold, and too intermittently wet, to do much, but I did manage a short walk into town yesterday. I didn't spot a kingfisher when I walked along by the river, (I have seen them in the past, despite it being a very urban river, and usually half full of shopping trollies and other junk) but there were some sleepy ducks, a beautifully reflective swan, (as well as a less reflective one, sitting on a nest with it's back turned towards me in a marked manner), and a moorhen, which ran away and hid, but not very well.

Today, I have mostly been reading, and defrosting my freezer, which is one of those things which has to be done. It's very dull.
Probably the most exciting part of the weekend was watching Doctor Who - Vampires in Venice (twice). I've still not 100% transferred my affections from David Tennant to Matt Smith, but it is good fun, all the same. And I'm warming to him. I wonder whether it is a sign of age, when the Doctor starts to look too young?


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That moorhen is not really designed to operate in such green surroundings. The ones around here wander around on tarmac near to their pond and seem better able to blend in. I worry for their safety.