Sunday, 11 April 2010

Friends, Theatre & Germs

So, I was expecting to be wiped out after a long weekend at Eastercon but not to the extent I have been. Unfortunately by Thursday it was clear I wasn't just over tired, but have managed to aquire a full blown chest & sinus infection. *sigh*
and I was in court on Friday, which is always particularly good fun when you are losing your voice!

However, on the plus side, my oldest friend, J was due to come visit for the weekend, and decided she still wanted to come despite risking my lurgy, so Friday evening saw me waiting for her at the station ( the train, for once, on time) and we then had a very relaxed, quiet weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful warm sunny day which we spent sitting out in the back garden, reading the papers & catching up, then in the evening we had tickets for Alan Bennett's 'Enjoy', at Bath Thatre Royal, starring Alison Steadman and David Troughton, so we headed into Bath for Nepalese food and the show. The play was pretty dark, but very funny.
And J being a sweetie, looked after me all weekend, bringing me tea & sympathy.
Sunday we met her parents for lunch, then she headed off with them, and I spent the afternoon mainlining honey & lemon, and hoping that next week will be quieter.

(PS this is my first attempt at posting by e-mail so if it has any weird hotmail ads in it, that'll be why. I'll edit later if need be)

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Phiala said...

If you must be ill, that's a good way to do it. I hope that now the weekend is over you will be quickly recovered.