Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Busy Weekend

I did manage to get a fair amount done over the weekend (although no marmalade was made) Everything is clean and tidy.

I don't enjoy cleaning or housework, but I do like the results once it is done.

I also sorted a big heap of receipts and other financial bits and pieces which have been sitting around for a time. Which ought to make things simpler when it comes time to do the tax return. . .

The next job to be done (other than making marmalade) will be to sort through my books, to see whether I can bear to weed any out, as the heaps of books which will not fit into any of my bookshelves are becoming a little unmanagable. I do need to get some more bookcases, but I do not think new bookcases alone will be enough. And I know that there are some books which I am unlikely to want to reread, so it makes sense to pass them on. Once I get over the whole stress of parting with books (any books) that is!

I'm looking forward to seeing my parents this week - my mum has booked a couple of patchwork classes/workshops which happen to be near here, so they are going to be staying with me for a few nights. I always like to see them, and it's always nice to have visitors, and have company in the evening, from time to time.

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Li Hua said...

(This is Emily. And now of course you have the direct link to the new blog.)

Having your parents over sounds like a nice time. Good luck with the financial fun.