Thursday, 14 January 2010

In Which There is Mail

Well! I did have a lovely haul of mail yesterday!
  • A post-card, sent to me by my parents (on 18th November!) from New Zealand

  • DVDs of the last 2 Doctor Who specials, 'Waters of Mars' and 'The End of Time'

  • An unexpected thank-you letter (this could drift into infinity, as it was a letter thanking me for a gift I sent to someone to thank them for a favour they did me....should I now write to thank them for their letter?)

  • Rail tickets (of which more later) for my trip to London next month

  • a copy of Diana Wynne Jones' new novel, 'Enchanted Glass' which I shall gloat over and save to read at my leisure at the weekend.

And, best of all, a beautiful cat-quilt from Stacy which, as you can see, Tybalt gives his seal of approval!

Thank you, Stacy.

The train tickets are because I shall be going up to London in February to stay with my 2nd cousin John, in order to go to the Theatre (Keira Knightly & Tara Fitzgerald in Moliere's 'Le Misanthrope') and see a couple of exhibitions (Probably the Van Gogh one at the Royal Academy, and the new Medieval & Renaissance Gallery at the V&A) I think the saga of buying them deserves its own post...

Of course, the post wasn't quite all such fun. There was also the renewal notice for my car insurance, which is more than I hoped it would be, and means I shall probably now spend hours getting comparison quotes to see whether I can get a better deal somewhere, which is a hassle. And there was a letter reminding me I have an appointment to go and give blood, which is never what you could call fun..

But on the whole, I think I win!


Precision said...

that cat quilt must have stealth catnip sewn in, yes? Please more details, it looks like a lot of fun (not for me, it's for a Friend)

Good to have so much fun news all together!

Marjorie said...

I belive so, yes. Stacy has an Etsy shop here should you want to buy one, or pass the details to your friend

Dragonsally said...

Hah, Grace beat me to the question!

Tybalt is looking SO adorable rolling around like that.